Legal notice

Service provider

This is a noncommercial hobby project run by:

Alexander Pluhar
Ostlandstraße 7a
30539 Hannover

You may contact me via email to

Data privacy

Tinyban automatically records information in server log files from your browser or device, which includes your IP address, device identification, the type of browser and device you’re using, and the page you requested. These log files will be kept for a maximum of three days.

Tinyban keeps the following data in addition to everything you enter on the website:

- date and time you last signed in
- date and time a password reset token has been sent to you
- date and time of creation and modification of everything you enter on the website

Tinyban utilizes several third parties to provide its services. These third parties may collect and store additional information. Please see "Third parties involved" for more information.


Tinyban uses cookies to keep track of whether you are signed in, which user you are and which board you viewed last.

Third parties involved

Tinyban makes use of services provided by these companies:

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides email services for Tinyban. Tinyban exclusively uses the "eu-central-1 (EU Frankfurt)" region.

Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL
38 Avenue John F. Kennedy